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Engage tech buyers with the right content at the right time…and drive more sales.


Turn your prospects into leads. Offer educational content directed at their needs, not your solutions. Develop white papers, ebooks, kits, tip sheets, how-to articles or videos, and educational webinars that position you as an industry expert and helps build trust.

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Influence your lead's purchasing decision. Create content that increases confidence in your company and the value of your solution. Good content for this stage includes case studies, product webinars, data sheets, tech briefs or buyer guides.

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Get customers to buy again and spread awareness. Newsletters, surveys, direct mail email, special offers, and articles with additional insight into the value of your solution will continue to engage your buyers and maintain their loyalty.

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From crafting technical white papers and guides to creative ebooks, my writing skills and experience cover the spectrum. It's what I love most about what I do--the variety of content and the opportunity to always be learning and improving my craft and my knowledge on a wide range of topics.

"Since we started working together in 2004, I have seen Becky produce toprate writing for all kinds of business communications. From web copy and sales brochures to manuals and signage, Becky is the best. She understands branding and strong selling, and consistently outperforms expectations. Beyond that, she enthusiastically takes on every challenge and delivers on time and on budget. It's a true pleasure to work with Becky." --Cecle Cox, Senior Marketing Director, Alsco