Content that will get your audience’s attention and your boss’ admiration.

I help the world’s biggest and fastest-growing tech brands create authority-building content to attract more leads and build brand awareness. And I can help you too.

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Trusted by leading tech brands

Win your audiences' attention…

“We’ve seen our social shares on LinkedIn climb after publishing content Becky’s produced, and she’s worked seamlessly with our internal team to help us reach our marketing goals and objectives.”

– Greg Wright, President at Omega Engineering

“The first article you ghostwrote just published in Forbes, and it’s already trending much faster than normal on page views. Thank you!”

– Ben Rogers, Head of Brand Content at Qualtrics

and your boss' admiration…

“I just read your lead attribution playbook. It was some of the best copy I’ve ever read. Great problem/solution approach, natural, logical flow and elegantly selected words and sentences that took what could have been a complex read and made it easy to read and understand. I’m pretty particular when it comes to copywriting, so congrats! I’m not that easy to win over.”

– Email received by my client’s CEO from a happy reader

Looking to tell a powerful story that will make your prospects want to take action?

You’re in the right place.

“Our report went out this afternoon via email newsletter. After 3 hours we’ve had nearly 70 downloads and 2 demo requests – which is record-breaking for us! A big thanks to you for the great content.”

Hannah Hughes, Creative Marketing Manager at Sifted

Hi, I’m Becky Lawlor.

I focus exclusively on delivering original, thought-leading content for fast-growing B2B tech companies. Content that raises brand awareness, builds authority and sparks action from your prospects.

An expert in B2B content marketing, I bring the following elements into every client engagement:

  • A proven discovery and research process refined over hundreds of projects to ensure content is always superb
  • Strategic and creative insights that improve the quality and effectiveness of your message
  • On-point content that drops the jargon and conveys complex concepts in a human way

As a busy B2B marketer with KPIs to hit and ROI to prove, you can’t afford status quo content. You need someone who:

  • Knows their way around your B2B audience and their industry
  • Can quickly grasp your technology products and services
  • Work as a seamless extension of your in-house team
  • Can help you strategically craft content that motivates your prospects to buy

That’s me.

Consistent, high-quality content will help you…

  • Build brand awareness that will attract your ideal customers
  • Give you the credibility to charge premium rates for your services
  • Increase leads over time without needing to increase your marketing spend
  • Stand out from the crowd in your field

And it’s so much easier to reach these goals when you have a pro to help you.

“Becky’s a thoughtful writer who can see past the brief and bring a level of creativity and detail to her work that many freelancers lack. She’s very proactive about both research and relationships and the end result is a writer who delivers and delights consistently.”

– Matthew Rayback, Creative Director at Adobe

“Becky has an incredible ability to take highly complex, technical information and create compelling copy that target audiences can understand and want to consume. Becky makes the path from draft to final copy easy.”

– Holly Hanak-Weaver, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing Solutions at Alorica