Want to work with a B2B technology copywriter agencies call “one of their most talented?”

Hi, I’m Becky.

I’m a B2B technology copywriter specializing in original research and long-form content that helps B2B tech companies showcase their thought leadership and build greater brand awareness. 

I’m also super easy to work with and know tech buyers and the tech landscape like the back of my hand. My superpower is bringing clarity to complex concepts and adding strategic thinking and creativity to every project.

“Becky is one of our most talented e-book, white paper, and long-form writers. She blends strong research and editorial skills with a great ability to capture a brand’s personality and voice-so the content she creates is always lively, engaging, and just plain fun to read.”

— Kim Grob | Founding Partner at Write On

“Becky is smart, efficient, and an excellent communicator. I’ve been fortunate to work with Becky for a number of years and consider her one of my best (if not the best) writing resources. She is capable of taking vague concepts and transforming them into a finished piece that exceeds expectations. I don’t know many writers who can work with so little direction and produce such quality.”

—Jane Johnson | Managing Partner, Pivot Communications

A B2B technology copywriter who brings a wealth of content marketing and copywriting skills to the table.

  • Proven processes for generating high-performing content through my work with dozens of leading and fast-growing tech brands
  • Experience conducting original research and creating insightful content from the data
  • Skilled interviewer who can uncover the most interesting insights from your SMEs
  • Published by top marketing publications like MarketingProfs
  • Certified Hubspot Inbound Content Marketer
  • Studied conversion copywriting and content marketing with the best of the best – including Copyhackers & Copyblogger
  • MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English

Still want to know more about me?

  • I love a good cup of chai 
  • I spend most of my free time outdoors rock climbing, skiing, or hiking
  • I love to travel to just about anywhere in the world – and I especially love it when I can travel with the vaguest of plans and let the adventure unfold
  • Any free time I have left I spend hanging out with family, friends or a good book