To help you decide if we’d be a good fit, here are some answers to common questions I get:

1. What are your qualifications as a B2B technology copywriter and content marketer?

I have over a decade of experience as a B2B technology content marketing writer for leading-edge companies like Adobe, Samsung, IBM, Vonage, Workfront, and more. Over this time, I have helped clients develop their content strategy as well as their content. I know the industries and sectors that I work in inside and out. I stay up-to-date on market research both in technology and content marketing, and have developed a strong understanding of the challenges the audiences I write for are facing. I use this knowledge to develop content plans and content that will deliver the highest results for engaging buyers with your content to drive more leads and sales.

2. Why do you have a minimum $5,000 project fee for first-time clients?

There is a lot of onboarding time involved for me in understanding your business and your audience. I feel strongly about building long-term relationships with my clients—relationships that provide me with consistent work and you with a valuable resource to help you meet your content goals. You can bundle a number of projects together, such as a series of articles or case studies, to reach the project fee minimum. Once we’ve worked together on the first project, I can be more flexible in how we structure future content needs.

3. How do you quote projects?

My pricing is project- and value-based, so you’re paying for the ROI and quality of the finished product instead of how long it takes me to complete it. Once I understand the scope of work and your objectives, I will provide you with a flat rate for the project, so you’ll know the total project cost upfront. As long as the scope or direction of your project doesn’t change, the price I quote you won’t change either.

4. Do you work on retainer?

Yes. In fact, given that my schedule is almost always full, I highly recommend that if you foresee having ongoing, consistent content needs that you consider a retainer agreement. This gives you first priority to my schedule and ensures you get the content you need, when you need it. There are a number of creative ways to structure retainer agreements, so even if you don’t know exactly what type of content you’ll need but want to make sure I have availability for needs that arise, let’s talk about options that will work for you.

5. When can you start and how long will my project take?

Given that my schedule is almost always full, you should plan that I will need about 2 weeks before I can start on your project. Sometimes I can start sooner, sometimes it will be later.

Once we’ve defined the scope of your project, I will provide you with a timeline that contains all of the milestones required to complete the project. 

As a rough estimate, most long-form content pieces will take 4+ weeks to complete since there are interviews to schedule and several rounds of reviews from multiple stakeholders. However, you can typically expect to see the outline or first draft within approximately 2 weeks once I begin work. Smaller copywriting projects may take anywhere from a couple of days to a 1-2 weeks depending on the scope and my availability. 

6. Do you do all the work yourself?

After years in this business, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best content is created through a collaborative effort. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always loved working with agencies. While I’m not an agency and not looking to grow into one (I love doing the actual writing and I love the relationships I build by working directly with clients throughout an entire project) I am a writer committed to producing the highest quality content for my clients.

To that end, I sometimes tap a very select handful of experts to help with research, proofreading and yes, sometimes even part of the writing itself. 

When do I use other writers? 

  • When I believe that the content could benefit from having another writer look at the work beyond myself
  • To alleviate the bottlenecks that sometimes occur when you’re a team of one 
  • When it’s not my area of expertise, but my client would prefer to have one person (me) manage it all 

I believe tapping into additional expertise this way is a benefit for everyone. Nothing goes to my clients without passing my desk first – so quality is always a guarantee. I have trained myself in areas of content that I do not necessarily specialize in (emails, landing pages, etc.), so even when I outsource these pieces of a lead generation package, I know what effective copy looks like and review the content myself. 

Over the decade I’ve been in business, I’ve worked extremely hard to build up a strong network of peers – and I only use writers who meet my high and exacting standards. And finally, I always work with clients under an NDA to ensure that your information and ideas are always protected. 

7. What do you need to get started on my project?

For all projects, you’ll need to sign and send back my Statement of Work agreement that outlines the project’s cost and other conditions of working together.

  • For first-time clients or for projects of $10K+, a 50% deposit is required before I can start.
  • Final invoices will be sent upon receipt of first draft 
  • Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • You can pay via direct deposit, check or credit card. For foreign companies, wire transfers can be arranged.

8. What happens when there are project delays?

On-time, prompt delivery is a hallmark of my business – I don’t miss deadlines.  So as long as you meet your deadlines to provide feedback or other requirements, the project will follow the timeline I set at the beginning.

I understand that sometimes getting stakeholders to approve content or scheduling interviews with SMEs and customers can be challenging and can result in delays that impact the project timeline. The challenge is that I have many other commitments to other clients and may not be able to immediately work your project back into my schedule once the delays are resolved. To the best of my ability, I will work with you to continue to move the project along as quickly as possible once the delays are resolved, but it is possible that your project will have to wait until I can fit it back into my schedule.

If the delay is longer than 30-days on your end, there will be a $250 surcharge to cover the cost of getting back up to speed on the project.

9. How do you handle revisions for content?

Unless your content piece is extremely short, I always create an outline before I start any writing project and send it to you for approval and feedback. Then, I create the first draft of content and send it to you for approval and revisions. After feedback is incorporated, I’ll produce a second draft which will also be sent to you for approval and any other stakeholder feedback. I’ll incorporate your revisions into the final draft to produce the “go-to-market” version of your content. Overall, you’ll get three opportunities to give feedback on your content.

I also have a handy feedback checklist I will share with you that will provide guidance on how and what kind of feedback to provide during each phase of the project.

10. Do you guarantee your work?

While I can’t guarantee the results you’ll get, I do guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the content you receive from me. If it’s not right, let’s discuss what’s not working, and I’ll fix it until it is.